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What is Spartan League?

Feared by their enemies and respected by all who faced them, the Spartans were an elite fighting force known for the protection of their comrades, fearless dedication to their goals, and commitment to excellence.

Created by David Greene, the Spartan League is a community of elite individuals interested in real estate investing and finance. Designed to create strategy, share knowledge, and build unbreakable camaraderie, it’s a call to arms for those ready to conquer their market, control their destructive impulses, and dominate the industry. Join us now, and become part of a brotherhood of champions, just like the warriors of ancient Sparta. If you're ready to take your real estate investing and finance game to the next level, sign up now and receive the tools of financial warfare to take your place amongst the financial elite.

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What’s Inside the

#1 Wealth Protecting Mastermind?

Exclusive Content from David Greene

Training in the Weapons That Will Protect You From Financial Ruin

Our Financial Fortress Playbook

Access to Kyle Renke, COO of the David Greene Team

Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls

Online Exclusive Community

Real Estate and Personal Finance Tools

Physical Welcome Package

Access to Years of Archived Sessions

Weekly Encouragement in the Fight to Protect Your Wealth

Team Based Economic Strategy

Discounts to David Greene Events, Retreats, and Courses

And More!

What makes the Spartan League stand out 

We teach how to build wealth meant to last.

It's not uncommon to see courses, programs, and groups offered to teach the latest, greatest craze in wealth creating-and not uncommon to see them fall. We teach how to build a financial fortress that can withstand adversity, scrutiny, and popular phases.

We teach you how to build, not execute.

Most Masterminds are tactic specific. Learn how to do X, Execute the Y Strategy. Building wealth that lasts requires multiple time-tested tools and we explore every single one so you don’t crash and burn if that one tactic fails you.

Our members protect each other.

This Mastermind isn’t littered with people dipping their toes in the water or using it to try to sell their own services. We only allow members that will serve the wellbeing of the collective. You will make lifelong friends and essential connections. The strength of a Spartan is in the soldier next to them.


  • Exclusive content created by David Greene
  • Behind the scenes access to David’s deals, businesses, and investment opportunities
  • Exclusive, Live-Access to Kyle Renke (COO of DGT)
  • 4-5 LIVE Calls Every Month
  • 24/7 Access to our Exclusive Online Community
  • Mastermind Archived Content
  • Copies of Books Written by David Greene
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Meet The Team

David Greene

David Greene is a former Police Officer and current host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. The author of best selling books Long Distance Real Estate Investing...

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Kyle Renke

In 2017, Kyle made a life-altering decision that set him on a path of unstoppable momentum. Armed with two master's degrees and burdened with over $100,000 in...

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What Our Spartans Are Saying

Jason W.

Since joining, both my personal finances and real estate portfolio have transformed drastically!

Thanks to the leadership team and other Spartans, I have been able to gain a better grasp on my finances, increase my savings rate by an additional 7%, and strategize for my investments.

With a strong financial foundation, I have confidently grown my real estate portfolio to five doors, helping me take leaps toward my goal of financial independence. I wholeheartedly credit my accomplishments to the collaborative environment provided by the online forum, weekly meetings, and personal connections I have made through Spartan League.

The mastermind has encouraged me to be more accountable and inspired me to improve myself in all aspects of my life.

Javier D.

Joining this mastermind has been a unique and incredibly enriching experience

It's inspiring to see the passion and commitment that everyone in this mastermind has for achieving their goals and aspirations. Having the same passion and commitment to help each other all the time. I feel honored to be a part of this group and I am eager to do my part to contribute in any way I can.

Thanks to David for this opportunity, thanks for all the crazy value you have offered to all of us inside the mastermind all these years.

Thanks to Kyle and Katie, you are all the time guiding and supporting us, you are the soul of this mastermind, you both are awesome.

Vince C.

The Spartan League is a mastermind that has laid the foundation for my success in real estate investing.

Since joining, I have acquired 5 properties and currently have another one under contract. In addition, I have been able to save an average of 1,000 dollars a month through our discussions on budgeting.

Financial growth and personal growth are very intertwined in this mastermind.  Through this journey, I have been able to break through some barriers and track my fitness, time spent with family, books read, and ability to give back to the community. The are plenty of opportunities to learn from subject matter experts and like minded individuals in the Spartan League.

We have bi-weekly meetings, one on one coaching, and an online community where we are encouraged, challenged, and keep each other accountable in our journey. We all benefit from the different markets, strategies, and resources of each member.

Jimmy W.

David Greene and the Spartan League have been instrumental in my real estate success.

After a few failed investments, I felt lost and alone in the industry. But through the Mastermind, I found a community of like-minded investors willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Since joining, I've gained confidence, knowledge, and the ability to structure my portfolio like a fortress.

Thanks to the teachings of David and his team, I've been able to add additional properties to my portfolio and feel secure in my investments. I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Spartan League for my tremendous growth in real estate.

The Harsh TruthAbout Masterminds

They’ll never admit it, but most group offerings are all hype and no substance. Offering unrealistic visions of becoming a multi millionaire and retiring after a few properties, the members who join these groups end up discouraged, resentful, and with less money than they started.

We don’t do that here.

David built his wealth differently. Working 100 hour weeks, acquiring buy and hold properties, and working two jobs at a time, he learned the secret to attracting wealth. It’s NOT easy and there is no secret formula to avoid the work. If you join Spartan League you will be taught everything David wishes he had been shown early in his career and practices now. There is a war for your money you likely don’t know you’re in. Advertisers, marketing companies, even real estate investing courses-they all want what you have and promise an easy path to riches. We don’t believe that here. 

Our members are committed to a systematic, disciplined, and realistic approach to wealth building that focuses on the fundamentals of warfare like tracking your expenses, creating a budget, and developing a strategy to defeat the enemy. You will be pushed, you will be challenged, and you will be tested-but that’s how winning is done. Spartan League frequently picks up those who drop out of the “get rich quick” courses and get serious about taking control of their financial future and harmful impulses. If you’re looking for the easy road to wealth, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for the real way, we’d love to have you.

Soldiers are disciplined and trained before they defeat the enemy. Learn that here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live sessions?

We have two LIVE calls every week!

Mondays at 6pm PST - We discuss all things real estate investing, including bringing in and interviewing industry experts from around the world!

Thursdays at 6pm PST - We discuss all things budgeting, tracking, accountability, financial independence, and personal finance.

How long are the live sessions?

The live video sessions usually run between 60-75 minutes.

What do the live sessions typically look like?

The live sessions typically rotate between high-achieving, successful entrepreneurs and influencers and mindset related topics with breakout discussions and action items within the group. Mondays are focused around real estate investing.  Thursdays are focused around finance, budget, travel hacks, and tons of other great topics to help you earn more and defend what you've earned!

What if I can't make it to a live session?

The live video calls are recorded every week and you can watch the replay in the online community!

What do the bonus sessions look like?

Bonus sessions are held periodically during the week and increasing in frequency.  They typically consist of a "meet the member" session where other members can share their progress in their business and get feedback from other individuals in the group.  Sometimes we talk about relationships, other times we talk about fitness!

How will I get connected with others in the Mastermind?

When you first join the mastermind, we help you get connected in 3 ways:
1. You receive a free strategy with our onboarding concierge who will help you get acclimated and feel welcome!
2. You will get to post an introduction and biography about yourself in the online community.
3. You will be introduced live on the next video call for all the other members to meet you.
4. You also have the opportunity to create and form "pods" with other members for additional accountability and connection throughout the week.

Who is David Greene? Can I meet him?

David Greene is the CEO of The David Greene Team, Inc.  He's a top-producing real estate agent, best-selling author, host of the Bigger Pockets podcast, and has built several successful real estate related businesses.  This mastermind is not about "one person" or a "guru" leading others.  David doesn't believe in "vertical leadership," but instead, he believes in "horizontal leadership."  This group is about being around other like-minded, high achieving individuals and helping the people who are below you, but also reaching up to be helped by the people who are ahead of you.

Is David Greene on the Zoom calls? And how is he involved?

Yes, 4 times a year.
Given that David is the CEO of multiple top-producing businesses, he unfortunately doesn't have the time to be on every single zoom call.

However, David provides tremendous value into this mastermind through:
- Booking highly successful and high achieving guests that he rubs shoulders with on a regular basis.
- Directing and producing quality content for the mastermind to be discussed through our calls.
- Joining our quarterly "Family Reunion" goal setting and vision casting sessions to share what-Sharing exclusive content directly from David on the DGT Mastermind Online Community.

Who's in the DGT Mastermind?

Members of the DGT Mastermind call from all walks of life and different careers.  The common theme amongst all of our members are that they are looking to scale up their lives and businesses.

Does the DGT Mastermind ever meet up in-person?

Sometimes!  Any time David and Kyle are traveling to a new area to check out some properties, we'll try to hold a meet up with our mastermind members locally.  We also try to host quarterly retreats in Arizona, Florida, and the Smoky Mountains!

Are there any special perks or discounts while being in Spartan League?

Yes! There's some awesome perks to being a part of this mastermind! You get special discounts to our LIVE in-person events (retreats, conferences, etc...). In addition, when you first join the mastermind, we'll send you an AWESOME Spartan League Welcome Kit with some cool swag you'll love.