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Start Date: May 13th, 2024

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Become a TOP Producing Real Estate Agent in Today’s Market

Learn from experienced professionals with decades of experience through multiple real estate markets on the ins and outs of how to succeed as an agent.


Sold by The David Greene Team in real estate since 2021.

3 Years

In a row,
Top Team in Keller Williams

A Message from
David Greene

One of the most common questions I get as the Host of the BiggerPockets podcast is “David, how do I get into real estate?” Listen, there are a million different ways to get into real estate that don't require you to put up a bunch of money to buy a property. If I’ve learned anything in my 10+ years of experience, it’s that by simply immersing yourself in the environment, you’ll learn way more than anything else. That’s why being a real estate agent may be one of the best ways to get started to learn and accelerate yourself in the industry, because you’re dealing with it every single day. The David Greene Team has sold over $300 Million in real estate since 2021 – we know this industry. My team has worked hard for the last several months developing this accelerator to help you catapult yourself ahead of the competition, and truly gain a new perspective as an agent that others will take years to obtain.


Our 7 Week Program

The Importance of Goal Setting

Database Creation, Growth, and Management

All About Lead Generation

Crafting Your Sales Funnel and Tools

Working the Lead Board

Handling Objections and the Lead Funnel

Mastering Negotiation Techniques

What's Included
or $199 yearly
Personalized Coaching
7 Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Sessions with Lindsey
Weekly Pre Recorded Lessons from David
Weekly Homework to Help You Take Action
Exclusive private community with access to coach and classmates
Downloadable/Editable PDFs and Files
Trackable Software
Brandable Marketing Material
The David Greene Team Realtor Workbook
Customized Course Workbook
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Host of the Bigger Pockets podcast, best-selling author, and real estate investing influencer.

Top 1% realtor, lead real estate agent for the David Greene team SoCal, and real estate investor.

What you’ll learn inside the program
or $199 yearly
How to create, maintain, and grow a database
How to communicate effectively with their database
How to become the RE expert of choice to their database
Lead generation structure
Confidence when lead generating
How to plant seeds that eventually grow into clients
What good lead generation looks like
How to follow the sales funnel to create structure in your transactions
How to recognize where to spend your time and energy and who to avoid
How to maximize the efficiency of your open houses
How to improve the tools you use to lead leads down your sales funnel
Psychological hacks to improve communication with clients
How to set yourself apart from other agents
How to run an organized and not chaotic day and week
Exactly what to do with each client or lead that crosses your path
How to delegate, and what to delegate, in the transaction
How to handle objections like a pro
How to get buyers do sign buyer representation agreements every time
How to show value other agents don’t
How to partner with your loan officer to increase the odds of your offers being accepted
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What others
had to say…

Betsy Ma; Real Estate Agent. DRE# 02209689

The mentorship from David Greene and Lindsey Iskierka was instrumental in supercharging my business as a new agent through helping me identify the unique value I personally bring to my clients in a way that differentiates myself while keeping me at the forefront of my network's mind. On top of that, being connected to the community of investors and other high performers was extremely beneficial.  Having such knowledgeable support available to you when navigating such nuanced transactions has been such a lifesaver. As both a former client as well as agent, I highly recommend immersing yourself in the community of agents learning from David Greene and Lindsey Iskierka. 

Joe Rogan; Real Estate Agent. DRE#02192044

Just like in real estate investing you can choose to build wealth slowly, by yourself, or you can SUPERCHARGE your success by learning from other industry leaders. When you learn from David Greene and Lindsey Iskierka, you’re teaming up with industry leading Agents who are there to help supercharge your career as an Agent. You’re getting experience and advice from top producing Agents who are current with market changes and trends. Having these resources has been invaluable as a new agent trying to find my way to success. After only a few months being licensed, I have closed transactions and supercharged my momentum to keep growing my business. 

Chanelle Clark; Real Estate Agent. DRE#02142766

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the mentorship over the past few years with Lindsey Iskierka and David Greene! Their guidance, support and encouragement have been invaluable to me and have catapulted my real estate career. Their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise with me has been instrumental in my growth/development. I will forever be grateful for the time/effort they have invested in me. Through their guidance, I have successfully closed over 40 Million in the past two years. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a new agent breaking into the industry and navigating a shifting market. I’m am so incredible thankful for them and highly recommend learning all you can from them!

Madison Dwyer; Real Estate Agent. DRE#01945208

David and Lindsey's trainings are second to none. Being mentored by industry leaders like David, Lindsey and Christian has expanded my knowledge of the real estate industry. Their combined experiences are priceless. I am grateful for the time they have put into training me and creating this program for other agents. 

David Greene Team Agents' Volume: $300 Million Sold Since 2021

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